We know that 95% of population in the world lives in a 27/7 stress conditions.  This terrible fact combined with an irregular eating, having a fast food full of additives and great variety of preservatives on a daily basis, sleeping less and etc. is making you body and organism working not properly … and this is wrong!!! So what you can do to make it right?! Of course make a little change, without making a significant changes in your life, but make a huge step to live better!!! Start eating a healthy food with F&C!!!!


Our priority in beverages has always been It`s Highness THE WINE … but, this is our priority. For us the most important is Your priority, so please, choose wine, Spring rosewater with Organic certified rose oil, Spring water with 24K gold particles and many more…

Food supplements & Cosmetics

Nowadeys food supplements are an integral part of our lives. Working countless hours, stress and fast food as a consequence of the previous two makes our body not working properly. Stomach problems, hearth problems, gaining of weight, skin changes and many other unwanted and completely unwelcome problems starting to appear. So each one of us needs help. Please, review our supplement and cosmetics catalogue and choose the right product to start living better.

Household & Pro cleaners

The MUST HAVE cleaners for home and professional use. We are offering a house cleaning, facility maintenance and industrial cleaning products form A to Z. Do not miss that page. You`ll find some exclusive, unique and of course some ECO Friendly cleaning products.

If you Dream about a good and sustainable business, We will help you to turn it into reality

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