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Without the trust and confidence of our clients, F&C Trading Ltd would not exist. This belief in our company has been achieved through our commitment to offering high quality products, providing outstanding service and delivering exceptional value for money.

Yet identifying and sourcing an innovative and attractive product range, cultivating strong business partnerships and developing a first-class service has not been without its challenges! From a glimmer of an idea to building a successful business, this is our story…

The origins of F&C began in a small, family-run restaurant in 2011. Staying for a glass of wine with the restaurant’s owners’ Kosé and Svetla, we talked about ways to create additional income. After a couple of glasses and some creative conversation, our original business concept of ‘Wines from Bulgaria’ was born.

With the ever-improving quality of grape yields and enhanced wine production over the last few decades, Bulgarian wines were becoming increasingly popular with wine drinkers and importers throughout Europe. Thus, the concept of marketing Bulgarian wines to a wider, global audience seemed so simple. Yet the reality was so different.

Resolving a myriad of unforeseen obstacles, logistical complexities and a raft of regulatory obligations was no easy task. Progress was slow and arduous. Yet we overcame all the barriers and continued to move the business forward.

But our progress didn’t end there…

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After three years of operating solely in the wine sector we decided to extend our range to include a variety of products primarily sourced from Bulgaria’s renowned food and beverage producers.

Not knowing the wider market potential of our new offerings, we limited our capital investment and marketed the products on a commission only basis. Over the two years of its operation, this venture proved to be extremely work intensive and yielded little financial reward. But what we gained was priceless…

From our beginnings in 2011, through successes and disappointments, we’ve amassed vast market knowledge and cemented robust business partnerships with key organisations and individuals in every sphere of our operation. Capitalizing on these assets, we have seized the opportunity to launch the latest chapter in our growth, F&C Trading Ltd.

For us, the structure and strengths of F&C provide the perfect platform to truly realise our core goals: To market quality products at a keen price, supported by the highest levels of service.

For you, F&C represents a simple, effective route to increase margins and improve customer satisfaction. In short, an easy, reliable way to grow your profits.

So call us today on +359 88 522 09 89 or email us at export@fandctrading.biz and find out how F&C can help you build a better future for your business.



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